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Rigging Innovations


The heart of the design is the shape of the container system. The profile of the container is curved from the top of the reserve to the bottom of the main resulting in a completely aerodynamic shape that slices through the air no matter what the attitude of the jumper in freefall. The container closing flaps are designed to be easy to use yet completely secure in freefall.

The reserve protector flap has been completely re-designed to use the most secure tongue combination in use today. The side tongues hold completely and the bottom pocket smoothes out the profile and keeps any lines from snagging. The internal pin pocket protects the pin from being dislodged.

The main pin protector flap is a streamlined variation of the upward closing flap pioneered on the Telesis 2 and the Genera. Longer and more tapered than its predecessors, it provides complete security and ease of use.

The main side flaps and riser covers have been integrated into one piece units that provide maximum coverage and protection while resulting in an aesthetically pleasing design that compliments the lines of the rig.



Talon FX
Rigging Innovations


The Talon FX is a highly refined and polished upgrade to the Talon FS.  Some of the design features immediately stand out and make for a cleaner and smoother look overall.
In addition, there are numerous internal and construction changes that make it easier to pack and maintain as well as offer up to date safety improvements.
The Talon FX offers these design changes as well as Stainless Steel hardware and Space foam as standard for one all inclusive price.
The Talon FX is being re-certified to the latest TSO C23d standards. It will be rated to 150 kts and 325 lbs.


Talon FS
Rigging Innovations


The Talon FS container system is a highly refined “box” configuration. RI has taken the heart of the Voodoo container, the reserve system, and merged it with a better box design for the main.
The containers are narrower and shorter than the Talon for comparable size canopies. We use the same reserve container configuration as the Voodoo with the same protector flap.

The main utilizes the same upward closing flap as the Voodoo. We increased the plastic stiffener thickness to help flatten the flap out.
The main side flaps incorporate the wrap around bottom design that provides for a better bridle protector as well as a natural POP mount.


The main riser covers have been designed for better holding power and allow for the main risers to be stowed in any manner with no effect on deployment. A side note is that these covers worked so well, that they have been merged into the Voodoo design. They hold better, are smoother looking, and result in better over the shoulder comfort.

The backpad is shaped and contoured to fit the shoulders and upper body and stay in place.

The center flap stripe options are similar to those utilized on the Talon 2 for those who prefer more conservative design choices.

Rigging Innovations


The Telesis 3.0 is the third generation of the Telesis student training system.

 Beginning in 1988 with the original design, the Telesis system has become the #1 best selling student training system in the world. It has set the standard by which all others aspire to.

The following are areas where the Telesis excels.

  • The highest quality- RI is known for it’s legendary quality.
  • Rugged and durable.
  • Each generation has been technically more advanced than the competition.
  • Easy to use - Simple and easy for the student to operate.
  • Rigger friendly - Not just a saying but true. One of the simplest systems to pack and maintain.

  • Cost effective, they last long and are easy to maintain.
  • 4 different sizes means that there is a size for all sizes of individuals and canopy combinations.
  • Built by a company with a reputation for backing it’s products.


Clasic Pro
Rigging Innovations


The Classic Pro 3.0 is the third generation of the legendary Talon Classic series. Beginning in 1990, the Talon Classic was the first modern piggyback system designed exclusively for classic style and accuracy jumping. The Classic Pro 3.0 continues the tradition of providing discipline specific features in a smooth, streamlined package. There are more Talon Classic systems in use around the world for style and accuracy than all other systems combined.

Rigging Innovations


Genera ... The Real Difference is Price!
"We know how to build QUALITY - now we're adding VALUE"

It is designed as an ENTRY LEVEL rig for those who complete their student training and wish to continue on to become full-fledged skydivers. No longer do you have to go through the uncertainty of buying used equipment that may or may not be suitable for you.






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